September 28, 2023

Gifting with Impact Webinar

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By Impact Relations

Gifting with Impact

Grateful Giving participated in a exciting webinar hosted by the Impact Relations Institute.

About this event

Gifting season is just around the corner, and in the impact space, it’s particularly important to gift thoughtfully. Need a plan for how you can avoid more “stuff” being relegated to the donate or regift bin? Want to be sure to give gifts that surprise and delight your recipients? Join us for a conversation with the CEOs from Gifts for Good, TisBest and Grateful, for a discussion about different approaches to gifting with impact.


  • Simeon Cathey, CEO of TisBest
  • Laura Hertz, CEO of Gifts for Good
  • Matt Ostanik, CEO of Grateful Giving
  • Brad MacAfee, CEO of Mission + Cause (moderator)

Meet your speakers:

Simeon Cathey

Simeon Cathey is a technology visionary, entrepreneur and the co-founder of TisBest Philanthropy, a way for people to replace the gifts of stuff with gifts of good.

Laura Hertz

Laura is the CEO and Co-Founder of Gifts for Good— an e-commerce site making thoughtfulness and philanthropy easier for all. Gifts for Good curates and customizes premium business gifts that support charitable causes in 50 states and 72 countries.

Matt Ostanik

Matt is an architect, entrepreneur, creator and builder whose current company, Grateful, helps socially good businesses participate in “Grateful Giving” by donating to their customers’ and employees’ favorite nonprofits.

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Gifting with Impact Webinar

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Gifting with Impact Webinar


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