Grateful AppTM for Nonprofits

Connect with new donors and receive donations from giving cards sent via Grateful

Connect to a Network of Supporters

Grateful is a platform where businesses give to nonprofits that matter most to their customers and employees.

Grateful Card™ recipients can pick from all U.S. 501(c)(3) charities to donate the dollars to.

Nonprofits can use the Grateful mobile or web app for free to post causes in need of support and share the impact.

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Supporting Many Nonprofits Missions

Giving Cards

Grateful Card™ recipients can donate the proceeds to any 501(c)(3), or our app will automatically match them with nonprofits if they do not have specific groups already in mind.

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Personalized Mobile App

The curated app features nonprofits and causes that align with the likes and preferences of Grateful givers.

Identify Your Purpose and Values

Nonprofits can associate their causes with values that easily connect with Grateful givers with similar preferences.

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Grateful for Nonprofits FAQ

What is the cost to nonprofits?


There is no cost for nonprofit organizations to have profiles in Grateful. Businesses and individuals who send Grateful Cards pay a fee to support the platform.

How did you create our nonprofit profile?


We created your profile based on your publicly available IRS information, plus in some cases information from your public website and/or public social media pages.

How do we receive donations from Grateful?


All funds are processed via the Grateful Fund, a charitable giving fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines. The Community Foundation then sends you a check. Currently donations from the Grateful Fund are sent via mail but planning is underway to provide electronic payments in the future.

What if our nonprofit is no longer in operation or is not seeking donations?


If you received an email from Grateful with a link to review and edit your profile, open the link and click on the “Request removal” button, or contact us.

What groups are eligible to be listed in Grateful?


Any U.S. 501(c)(3) organization may be listed in Grateful.

How do we edit an existing nonprofit profile?


If you received an email from Grateful with a link, open the link to review and edit your profile, or otherwise contact us at to get access to your profile.

Can we see a list of our donors?


Donors and giving card recipients can choose to keep their information private, but if they do not do so, then yes you can see a list of all your donors in your account in the Grateful App. You can also export the list to add it to your donor database or CRM system. Part of the purpose of Grateful is to help build new connections and introduce you to givers who you can build further relationships with.

Is Grateful App a nonprofit itself?


Grateful is a Benefit corporation, or a B corp, which is a for-profit entity that uses its profits to create positive societal impact. At our core, we believe business and technology should have moral purpose and create positive change in the world. Our platform does more than connect organizations in need with people who can give — it creates community, unites people with a common purpose, and allows individuals to share their values and charitable interests with others.

How do I talk to a live person?


Contact us at We’d love to talk with you!

Kris Kunze
“Grateful is exactly what philanthropists and charities need to get connected."
Kris Kunze
Founder & Managing Principal
KCL Engineering
Johnathan Swanson
“Grateful checks a couple boxes by allowing us to live and demonstrate our values with our staff."
Jonathan Swanson
Private Wealth Advisor
The Swanson Group
Erin Rollenhagen
“When I saw the app for the first time, I immediately wanted to ask how my company could be part of it."
Erin Rollenhagen
Founder & CEO
Entrepreneurial Technologies

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