How it works

Grateful Giving's digital platform empowers your business to integrate giving easily and seamlessly into your mission.

Select your giving preferences and set up an integration with your favorite software tool.
Automatically send charitable donations to your customers so they can choose the charitable recipient.
Monitor your giving impact with a dedicated dashboard and giving reports.

Grateful Giving Platform


Give in the way that works best for your business. Set up automatic giving with any business operation. Grateful Giving integrates with over 5,000 software tools. Give when an invoice is marked paid or a purchase is made. Celebrate an employee or customer's birthday or anniversary.


Give to nurture your customer relationships. Your customers will receive a branded, customizable email with a link to direct your donation to the charity of their choice. They can pick from more than 1.5 million 501(c)(3) organizations.


Monitor giving in real-time. Easily track your company giving and the charitable organizations your customers have chosen to donate to. Export giving reports and check your impact on your social good dashboard.

Why businesses love Grateful Giving

  • Increase customer loyalty
    Deepen your relationships and retain customers by giving to the specific causes your customers care about most
  • Real-time impact visibility
    Easily see where your dollars are getting donated
  • Make a difference
    Support the work of charitable causes while adding meaning and purpose to your business
  • Give efficiently
    Automated giving platform allows you to give without taking time away from other projects
  • Strengthen brand
    Custom-branded giving aligns your business with socially good causes
  • Gift for good
    Celebrate your customers or employees with sustainable giving, no packaging or waste included

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