Join the Dollar a Day Campaign

Join our Dollar a Day campaign to donate $1 to nonprofits each day in December. It’s a fun way to discover new nonprofits and make a meaningful impact this holiday season.

Start With a Small Act of Kindness 

In celebration of Giving Tuesday, we are kicking-off our own giving campaign on December 1st. You’ll have the opportunity to donate $1 a day for 31 days in December to a variety of nonprofits. 

In exchange for your donation, you’ll receive video updates directly from the nonprofits you supported. This allows you to meet new nonprofits and learn more about their individual causes and missions.

Abstract Illustration of Calendar and Message Saying Be Grateful with a Dollar a Day

Dollar A Day in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Download the Grateful app and set up an account. 
  2. Donate $31* for the 31 days in December. Grateful will automatically choose nonprofits to give $1 to each day. 
  3. Sit back and watch your inbox for updates from the nonprofits your donations help. You’ll receive video updates as a thank you for your donation. 

* A 5% processing fee will be added.