The Children's Place

The Children’s Place is Kansas City’s specialized trauma treatment center serving the mental health needs of young children since 1978. With dedication, support, and the highest level of research-based care, we walk hand-in-hand with children birth to eight years old as they heal from life’s deepest hurts.

Interview with Lacey Helmig, Marketing & Communications Manager, The Children's Place

The Children's Place is a nonprofit based in Kansas City that exclusively helps kids age 8 and younger who are healing from trauma. These are children who are recovering from neglect, abuse, and the worst of the world, working to restore childhood to help provide the healing they need with therapy and fun, immersive experiences that all kids should enjoy.

The Children's Place is where Hurts find Hope.

the childrens place kids playing in a yard with bubbles together with adults safe childhoods

Working with qualified therapists and professionals with specialized experience to assist children in these situations, The Children's Place aims to fill the childhood these kids have missed.

A variety of fun events are held that every child should enjoy, including some with sprinklers and splash pads, snow pads and fun community events!

therapist plays with a child at the childrens place toys and mental healing

Donation dollars are critical for the work they do, helping children recover from the deepest hurts one can imagine. Providing the support needed is costly and donations directly support efforts to reach as many children in need as possible.

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Celebrating 45 Years

2023 is the 45th anniversary of The Children's Place, celebrating their long history and expansive impact on the community.

They have so far helped over 10,000 children in need.

Therapy Bus Project

Many kids have been helped by The Children's Place, but many are out of reach due to transportation access and other factors. To address this common issue, The Children's Place are currently raising funds to create a playground on wheels that can go to the kids where and when they are needed most, without the limitation of having them come to the center directly.

The bus will include a day program with early education and mental health professionals in a retrofitted minibus! The bus will have seats removed and the structures inside built, with everything they need on board.

the childrens place therapy room couch and toys safe space for healing

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