Grateful Certified Business

Automatically donate a percent of your revenue to your customers’ favorite charities.

What is a Grateful Certified Business?

Platinum GCB

  • Donates 1% or more of every customer transaction 
  • Gives your customer the option to choose a 501(c)(3) recipient
  • Automates giving with the Grateful Giving platform

Gold GCB

  • Donates 0.5%-0.99% of every customer transaction
  • Gives your customer the option to choose a 501(c)(3) recipient
  • Automates giving with the Grateful Giving platform


  • Donates at least 0.5% of every transaction from customers who are loyalty program members
  • Gives your customer the option to choose a 501(c)(3) recipient
  • Automates giving with the Grateful Giving platform

Founding Members

All businesses joining the GCB program in 2023 will earn the distinction of “Founding GCB” for as long as your business is active in the program

Why become a Grateful Certified Business?


You strongly believe that giving back is a part of your mission.


You understand that your customers will appreciate you exponentially more if you support the causes they select versus you selecting on your own.


You want to give in the easiest way possible. A Grateful Certified Business requires less than 30 minutes of setup to start giving to your customers–it’s as easy as breathing.

Grateful for Nonprofits FAQ

Do I really need to donate a percent from every single customer transaction?


Yes, mostly. A GCB donates a percentage of all primary customer transactions, however, we do not require you to include transactions that are not a primary source of your business revenue.

Do you verify that a business is actually participating? If so, how?


Yes! To be a GCB, a business must use an automated integration between Grateful and their billing system. Most giving programs out there do not require their participating businesses to confirm or prove their gifting. We do. When you shop with a GCB, you can be assured that you will get a % back to your Grateful account.

How can I market to my customers that I’m a GCB?


After you become a GCB, you’ll get access to several marketing benefits. We will provide you with the appropriate badge that you can add to your website and/or your marketing materials. Additionally, all GCBs are highlighted in our annual GCB report. Our first edition is expected to be released in January 2024.

Does Grateful take a portion of the donation?


Nope. Instead we charge an annual subscription fee to the GCB for the program, which ensures 100% of funds sent to customers via Grateful are donated to the charity of the customers’ choice.

How does Grateful make money?


We charge an annual subscription fee to each business that uses our platform. This allows 100% of donated funds to go to 501(c)(3) organizations.

Are donations tax deductible?


Every donation made via Grateful is tax deductible for the entity paying for the donation. If the GCB paid for the donated funds, they are able to claim the tax deduction. Customers donating funds they have received from a GCB have the ability to add to those donations from their own wallets if they choose - and if they do so, the extra funds are tax deductible for the customer, as they paid for the donated funds.

I don’t see the charity in Grateful that I want to donate to, is it possible to add them?


Yes! Use the “Suggest a Nonprofit” button to request our team to add the nonprofit you’d like to donate to. We’ll confirm their 501(c)(3) status and have it added to our platform within three business days. 

What’s the difference between a Platinum GCB and a GCB? Does a Platinum GCB cost more?


The pricing to be a GCB or Platinum GCB is exactly the same! The differences are:

  • Platinum GCBs are committed to giving a minimum of 1% (could be more) while GCBs are committed to giving between 0.5%-0.99%
  • In the GCB Annual Report - Platinum GCBs receive a full page spotlight, including an interview with their team and directions on how to purchase from that business while GCBs receive a quarter page spotlight

I’m not a fan of a store asking me for additional money to donate to a cause they’ve selected and claim credit for, how is this different?


The GCB program does not include any additional charges to the customer. This is not a round-up program where the business donates additional money from a customer. Instead, GCB members have chosen that they will provide a % of revenue back to their customers WITHOUT making the customer pay for it. This is why we highlight these businesses in our annual report - GCBs are truly making the world a better place!

What happens if a GCB sends a customer funds to donate and the customer never picks a charity to receive the funds?


After 90 days, undirected charitable funds are sent to the default 501(c)(3) selected by the business. Every GCB is donating from every purchase, even when their customer doesn’t select a charity.

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