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Meet Michelle Sims

Chief Executive Officer of YUPRO





Houston, TX

As a public benefit corporation, YUPRO is rooted in business strategy and social impact. YUPRO serves as a national Opportunity Talent placement firm that partners alongside companies to match qualified candidates from historically marginalized circumstances to employment opportunities.

YUPRO collaborates with training partners to build a talent community of individuals who have completed a workforce training program, earned certifications for specific industries, or taken other routes of upskilling. The company also works closely with businesses to educate them about the benefits of employing Opportunity Talent and provides a pipeline of highly-skilled, non-traditional candidates to support growth in diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hiring process.

YUPRO connects talent and opportunity by revealing the value in Opportunity Talent. The result: inclusion that creates a lasting social impact and drives business performance.

Community and social impact are at the center of YUPRO, but their philanthropic focus was singular. The company donated to their nonprofit parent company, and team members volunteered time to help candidates prepare for interviews. Under the leadership of their ChiefExecutive Officer Michelle Sims, YUPRO wanted to expand their charitable scope outside of the organization to support other nonprofits important to their people.

The Grateful software offered a solution to YUPRO’s desire to expand their philanthropic reach and deepen their community impact with employee recognition and customer appreciation gifts. Using Grateful allowed employees and clients a way to support nonprofits they cared about it and served as an extension of YUPRO’s commitment to inclusivity.

“Grateful is an opportunity to extend giving back where people can choose what is near and dear to their hearts, and we are able to fund them to do that. “

With Grateful, YUPRO shifted from a single charitable focus to a selection of more than 1.5 million charities their team and employer partners could support. Michelle appreciated they could effortlessly thank stakeholders for building a talent community and also extend their mission of giving back.

The additional perk to Grateful was its ease of use. Grateful administered the gifts, and YUPRO’s recipients could quickly direct their donation with a few swipes on the Grateful app or clicks online.

For YUPRO, it was about reflecting their mission in their charitable giving. Michelle piloted Grateful with employees and holiday thank you gifts to about 200 clients in the first year. The result: inclusion that created a lasting impact, internally and as an extension of their social impact. Everyone was appreciative to receive a purposeful gift with the ability to support a cause that mattered most to them.

This year, YUPRO plans to give Grateful to celebrate work anniversaries and show client appreciation. The company feels giving back to something someone cares about means more than flowers, or a plant, or receiving yet another piece of swag.

“I love that folks feel good choosing something that matters to them if they aren't able to do that on a regular basis. It brings happiness to the person making the gift and creating social impact. “

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Michelle’s insight for other companies considering Grateful:

“Any leader who is looking at how to make an impact, Grateful is easy to use, and there is a meaningful ROI. It's impactful with that hands-off administration which is any leader’s dream.”

Read how Grateful expanded YUPRO's philanthropic reach and extended their mission of social impact.

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