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Co-Founder of SWEAT440



Health and Fitness


South Beach, FL

SWEAT440 is a small group fitness concept that was co-founded by Matthew Miller and Cody Patrick in Miami Beach, FL and has expanded to multiple states with more locations planned to open soon. SWEAT440 is designed for everyone from beginner to experienced athletes looking for an efficient and effective fitness routine, with each session starting every 10 minutes and lasting only 40 minutes.

Each class combines cross-training, strength training, and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) aimed to burn fat and boost metabolism with a schedule designed to accommodate busy schedules. You can learn more about them on their website and instagram pages.

SWEAT440 owners, Cody and Matt, wanted to find a way to connect to a charitable cause because they want their spaces to embrace philanthropy and community. But they didn’t have any one charity in mind, and didn’t like the idea of having to choose just one. “Giving was important to us from the beginning because it was important to us and our members to give back,” Matt said.

“Our members are the blood and heartbeat of our studios, so we wanted to give them the ability to choose what’s important to them.”

Grateful lets users choose the charity they want to donate to, which really spoke to SWEAT440.

"It allows our community to give to who they want, not just locally but also nationally on a broader scale.” 

SWEAT440 gives 1% of all membership fees of their South Beach location to charities that their members pick via Grateful.

* Their customers remain customers at this location an average of 7.8 months, but if they use Grateful and participate in giving back by picking a charity to donate this 1% to, they remain a member for an average of 10.6 months (a 35.9% decrease in churn).

* Because of the lower churn, members who participate in Grateful are spending an average of 17% more with their businesses over the course of a year.

SWEAT440's implementation of Grateful has been a key component in deepening member loyalty.

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“Being able to put the tool into the audience’s hands to give back really helps the company and customers connect with the larger community on a larger scale.”

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