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Meet Rocky Borrego

Owner of NextStep Cloud





Madison, WI

If Rocky Borrego weren’t running NextStep Cloud, a cloud service provider for small businesses, you would find him in front of a classroom enthusiastically teaching about computer network technologies. NextStep Cloud provides an entirely different approach to IT services by combining the passions for technology, teaching, and helping others. The company offers cloud-based tools to help growing businesses better organize their equipment, time, and staff to improve their productivity and experience within their company. However, tools aren’t solutions if they are not, or cannot be, implemented well. NextStep Cloud also partners alongside its clients to provide ongoing training and support, making complicated technological issues and solutions accessible to their entire team.

NextStep Cloud desired to give thoughtful gifts as part of their new client welcome package, a year-end holiday thank you gift, and business referrals but was unsure of the direction to take with the gifts. They had tried various client gifts in the past, but nothing resonated with their intentions of the gesture or their business values. In addition to giving back to their clients, NextStep Cloud wanted to expand its charitable efforts, but wasn’t sure how to approach philanthropic giving from the business.

Grateful offered a comprehensive yet straightforward option to provide customer appreciation gifts that met NextStep Cloud's client relations objectives and established the company's philanthropy. With Grateful, NextStep Cloud could accomplish its goal of giving meaningful gifts, helping fuel the passions of its clients, and supporting the community. It was a perfect solution that, like their company values, combined technology with helping others.

I have tried many different gifts in the past, and most of them failed, honestly.There was never anything that worked until Grateful.

The additional benefit for NextStep Cloud was that the software allowed them to give back to both clients and the community effortlessly. Of course, the IT provider understands first-hand the hassles of learning new software or an app to figure out how it works and utilize it entirely, but that was not the company's experience with the Grateful platform.

The app itself was incredibly intuitive. Grateful has done an amazing job of keeping it simple and easy to use. As a result, I could do a lot with minimal involvement.

The outpouring of feedback NextStep Cloud received from using Grateful for its client gifts was outstanding. The response went beyond expressing heartfelt appreciation for the gift. Clients reached out to comment on how impressed they were with NextStep Cloud’s elegant and thoughtful gesture, which inspired them to use Grateful for their customer gifts. In addition, their clients shared where they used the funds and why those charities mattered to them.

You build a deeper relationship with your clients when you understand where they are coming from and what is important to them, and they feel you value what is important to them.

With Grateful, NextStep Cloud gave back to their clients in a meaningful way to receive a gift with something they are passionate about and experienced the added value of giving back to the community in a broader way. It turned a client gift into something bigger, more purposeful.

What I like is that I am giving back and contributing in ways that by myself I couldn't. By giving these gifts to others, they can contribute and give back to organizations that I may not have heard of or that are not local to me, but I can still support them indirectly.

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For companies considering Grateful, Rocky shared the additional benefit he experienced in using Grateful for client gifts:

I felt the relationships I had with people for many, many years became stronger by sending them a Grateful gift card.

Read how Grateful shaped NextStep Cloud’s approach to client gifts and community support.

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