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McGill Junge Wealth Management (MJWM), backed by the strength of Northwestern Mutual, specializes in complex financial planning and investment management for professionals, businesses, and families. Founded by Ed McGill and Ross Junge, MJWM develops comprehensive financial plans to create predictable retirement distribution strategies. Their team addresses tax inefficiencies, inadequate asset allocations, and retirement distribution strategies to help ensure clients thrive throughout their financial journey. The company’s tagline to “Plan for the destination. Live for the journey.” is at the core of their financial strategies for clients. As a result, MJWM empowers its clients to build and enjoy their best lives, leave a legacy, and positively impact those around them and their communities.

McGill Junge Wealth Management recognizes clients with a thoughtful card and gift each year on their birthdays. Though thankful for the kind gesture, some clients expressed a preference for a charitable donation to be made in their name instead of receiving a physical gift. The feedback aligned perfectly with the company’s philanthropic values, but MJWM wanted to make it more personal and was unsure how to implement it effectively and efficiently at a large scale.

Grateful delivered a solution to McGill Junge Wealth Management to streamline their client appreciation gifting process through customized charitable gift cards. The company wanted to continue mailing a birthday card with a note to each client, while providing them instructions to donate to a charity of their choice online. Grateful also follows up with an email with a client-specific link to make the online giving process easier. For MJWM, it is wonderful to keep the personalized touch of a hand written message and give to causes that matter most to their clients.

The best part is that when we embarked on this, we didn't want to say clients had to give to one of the charities we support. We wanted our clients to pick so it was personal. Grateful has been an amazing partner and makes it an easy process!
(Ed McGill) 

For McGill Junge Wealth Management, the other benefit to using Grateful was its geographical reach. It was important to the company that they could support local organizations wherever their clients lived, and manually tackling that with hundreds of clients would be a time-consuming process. However, with more than 1.5 million charities nationwide listed in the Grateful database, MJWM clients could easily and quickly give to organizations local to them. Additionally, Grateful handles the donation process to each charity, so it is not an arduous task for the MJWM team.

We wanted a vendor that could support our philanthropic clients that span from SiliconValley to New York, and anywhere in between. Clients want to give back to their local communities, and Grateful makes it all possible.
(Ed McGill)

With Grateful, McGill Junge Wealth Management transformed its client gifting from sending a “one-size-fits-all” gift into a personalized and meaningful gesture that aligned with the company's philanthropic values and its clients' generosity. It was a natural fit. The MJWM team was already discussing philanthropy as part of financial plans, and Grateful extended those charitable giving passions through MJWM’s client birthday gifts.

To this day, we haven't had a single client say, 'I want my gift. I miss my gift.'

Rather, it is always, ‘Thank you! This is such a great idea. I don't need more things, and I appreciate you giving back.'
(Ross Junge)

McGill Junge Wealth Management recommends Grateful for other financial advisors and companies that do a lot of client gifting. Using Grateful made the complete client gifting process more manageable for the company and strengthened relationships with its clients by supporting nonprofits that mattered to them. Furthermore, it changed MJWM’s approach to its own philanthropic efforts.

We love to look at the pie chart at the end of the year to see all the charities we supported with our clients through their donations – causes such as food insecurity, childhood cancer, or affordable housing.

Grateful provides insight into what our clients care about and guides our philanthropic endeavors of where we volunteer and which charities to support as a company.

We see the causes that matter to our clients and want to reflect that support.
(Ed, Ross, and the entire MJWM team)

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McGill Junge Wealth Management’s insight for companies considering Grateful: 

It's a turnkey, client gifting solution that helps busy companies.

Before, we spent a lot of resources tracking inventory and sending gifts. Now with Grateful charitable gift cards, we save on shipping, packaging materials, and the time it takes to send our traditional client gifts. It's cost-effective, and our clients prefer it!

These additional benefits make a big difference internally for our team and externally for client satisfaction with the program.

Read how Grateful aligned McGill Junge Wealth Management's client gifting program with the philanthropic values of their clients and company.

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