Meet Elise Allyn

Associate Consultant & Lead Analyst


Leadership, Business, and Human Resources Consulting


Portland, Maine

Conscious Revolution is a woman-owned consultancy that focuses on helping leaders, founders and CEOs create the best companies in and for the world, which means not only are employees more fulfilled at work, they are part of an organization with a clear purpose and values. We help companies create an equitable and engaging place to work where the culture is the reason employees stay. 

We focus on three areas with a strong sense of consciousness and purpose:

  1. Conscious Company Fundamentals: we help companies create core values, design work, and structure
  2. Culture & Community: building culture internally within the company while also considering the impact and engagement with the larger communities we serve
  3. Soul-Full Human Resources: We help companies look at their policies, benefits, and human-centric, human-focused structures so employees are seen as people first and employees second. This helps both individual staff members thrive and raises the companies’ bottom lines to become stronger with better work and higher profits.

Streamlining and optimizing our giving efforts was a challenge. Our core values are giving back to the community, and as a certified B corporation we are engaged in social and environmental good. We donate time, money, and services with a minimum of 1% a year to nonprofit organizations.

As a public benefit company, we always gave to philanthropic groups with a focus on social and environmental good. In 2022, we ended up donating 2.5% across a number of organizations, all based in Maine where our home office is located; this year, we changed our approach to be more strategic in the hopes of fostering longer term relationships with non-profit partners, which allows us to understand their work better and how we can support them best as we all continue to grow.

Grateful came up when we had a couple of clients who kept referring others to Conscious Revolution and we wanted to acknowledge how grateful we are for their continued support. I felt like no one needs another double-walled tumbler - or more stuff - so we decided to try something different and give Grateful giftcards.

Everyone loves Grateful so much more - when we have a 45 minute introductory meeting with clients, we ask them for a donation through Grateful that we match at 50%. People are always really excited about it and always happy to receive a Grateful Giving card.

We just love using Grateful for giving gifts, it’s awesome. The platform is very intuitive, easy to use, I enjoy being able to go in and set up nonprofits we prefer, the filters, options, what to include and exclude. There is so much customization it feels very personalized for what we’re trying to do, even though there are so many different options.

“I love that we’re not putting more stuff into the world, and the money that we’re giving is ultimately going to an organization that really needs it. It’s supporting their mission and purpose.”

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Elise’s advice to other companies considering Grateful:

They should do it immediately - it has a very positive impact on every step of the way. You feel good, the person receiving it feels good, and the chosen organization will be thrilled to have the funds coming in.

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