Grateful for Finance

The finance industry's solution to giving back with credibility and transparency

4 Reasons to choose Grateful:

Grateful is a new giving platform for businesses to seamlessly automate their philanthropic efforts with automation, delighting their customers, staff, and growing the bottom line.

wallet money hands for donations

#1 - Gifts with Zero Liability

  • Dollars never touch their bank account
  • Compliance departments will approve
  • Donation gifts may be used to incentivize customers to make on-time payments, sign up for new loans, and meet other business goals.
charities choice people using cans food for those who need it

#2 - Let your customers choose the charity

Let them choose from over 1.5 million registered 501(c)(3) organizations. This means:

  • You are instantly on their side, advocating for a cause they care about
  • Enhanced business relationships; get to know your clients better to build dynamic, lasting relationships
map of nonprofits

#3 - Show your staff they are appreciated

Birthday presents, holidays, company anniversaries - you choose the occasion to show your employees they are appreciated.

Employee Engagement options include annual or quarterly giving programs and recognition for achievements. Incentive them for meeting business goals and encourage them to keep it up!

#4 - Enhanced business credibility

Show, don't tell - in addition to gaining visibility in the Grateful app and opening a new way to market your business, you will be featured free on our sister site, where you can display all your company's giving efforts (not just through Grateful), including volunteer hours and further employee giving.

Grateful also offers custom referral programs, webinars and tradeshow event materials, enabling you to promote your company's giving initiatives to attract and retain customers and staff.

Simple, intuitive software

The Grateful App integrates with your company's existing software with automated real-time updates and reports


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