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Des Moines, IA



Through Grateful, The Wealth Consulting Group reshaped its client gifts to encompass their values. For multiple years now, the company has sent Grateful to their top clients, and they continue to receive positive feedback on how “wonderful” and “most generous” the charitable gift is to receive.

The Wealth Consulting Group lives, works, and breathes their mission of sustainability into everything they do, and with Grateful, it extends to how they show their appreciation to their clients.

We are so enthused about Grateful. The Wealth Consulting Group cares a great deal about sustainability and weaves it into how we run our company, our investment strategies, and work as a team. It was amazing to find a solution that allows us to carry that over to how we gift.

The company sparked a new trend for Grateful client gifts. The Wealth Consulting Group was the first Grateful business to send charitable gift cards to its customers. It’s a movement within the Grateful community that has endured. Since then, numerous other companies have adopted this thoughtful gesture for their client giving. The Wealth Consulting Group is grateful to have fueled sustainability and social impact in others giving back.

In a world where we all have too much stuff and so much waste, Grateful charitable gifts are really a sustainable way to give and show people that you care, which really brings our Wealth Consulting Group values full circle.

The Wealth Consulting Group enjoys showing their appreciation to their clients but struggled with finding ways that didn’t feel frivolous and aligned with their values. For the sustainability mission-focused company, corporate gifting in general needed to evolve to be more than branded swag of mugs and notebooks. The Wealth Consulting Group would give bottles of wine or take clients to dinner, but they desired to do something more impactful. The pandemic made for tough years for everyone, and during it, The Wealth Consulting Group looked for a way to shift their client gifts into something more purposeful.

Grateful offered a solution to The Wealth Consulting Group’s desire to give customer appreciation gifts that were meaningful to their client and their company and community. With so many needs amplified by the pandemic, the company wanted to support the charities that mattered most to their clients. The Grateful app provided a means to meet that objective.

The personal touch, platform, and attention to detail are what The Wealth Consulting Group loved about Grateful. The software served as the right tool to deliver this customized approach for charitable client gifts.

I love that Grateful solved exactly what I needed. I love that they can incorporate our logo and brand into messaging and the platform.

The Wealth Consulting Group provides financial and wealth planning services and functions as a Personal CFO to individuals, families, and businesses. The company is passionate about sustainable investing and uses Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics to focus its portfolio of companies. Through their ESG portfolio, The Wealth Consulting Group invests in companies to actively make a change in corporations, creating a positive impact on the planet and the company’s performance. Their unique niche allows them to work with a growing sect of investors who seek to align their investments with their values and find those reflected in how The Wealth Consulting Group manages their portfolio and gives back to their clients and community.

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Jackie’s advice to companies considering Grateful for customer appreciation and employee recognition gifts:

I think it is a wonderful solution to give meaningfully and allow clients and employees to give back in the way they choose, and will encourage giving when they otherwise may not have thought about doing it.

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