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With Grateful, SuiteCentric made a meaningful change  to – and with – their giving to reflect their company values and culture. The company moved from sending food baskets and other items for employee recognition to empowering the team in their causes and philanthropic interests. The SuiteCentric employees love supporting causes that matter in their lives and appreciate the company values what is important to them.

"It's just a great way to show your values as a company while also giving back and enabling your team to contribute to causes that align with them. The Grateful platform offers a way to do this without imposing the company's priorities or charities. Instead, you're enabling your team to express their values."

SuiteCentric has a Grateful year ahead. Their business plan focuses on employee satisfaction, and Grateful plays a central part. The company is sharing in Grateful giving through a quarterly benefit to employees, as their holiday gift, and in recognition to team members who go above and beyond.

SuiteCentric embraced opportunities to be generous and heartfelt with customer gifts and employee bonuses, and everyone appreciated receiving them. However, with the pandemic, social injustice movements, and record workplace resignations, the last few years have highlighted issues and needs that compelled the company to do more. SuiteCentric wanted to lead with compassion and involve their employees in the effort.

Grateful provided SuiteCentric a solution to create meaningful change and the technology to transform their employee recognition from gifting to giving. The company understands the importance of remote teams remaining connected to SuiteCentric and each other. Giving Grateful offered SuiteCentric the ability to share their gratitude to employees in a unified and inclusive way yet still allow employees personal expression in selecting causes to support. 

“As we grow, I don't want to presume that everybody supports what I do. That is where Grateful fits in our objectives really well. Grateful enables our SuiteCentric team to support causes that align with them instead of the nonprofit that is important to me as the company leader.”

Additionally, Grateful was the ideal platform for the software consulting company: low effort and easy to use; connected to a number of causes (more than 1.5 million charities); simple to send or spend a Grateful gift, and the total charitable amount goes to the recipient to donate without fees taken from it.

Adam Baruh fuels positive change in companies and professionals through interactions as Founder & CEO of SuiteCentric and as “The Change” podcast host. SuiteCentric is an award-winning Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider and software consulting agency that implements solutions for small to mid-market companies to run and scale their businesses more efficiently through the NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP). The ERP system allows companies to connect multiple business processes and streamline the data flow. SuiteCentric centers its overall philosophy in TransCAREncy™, a term they trademarked to represent their transparent, honest communication and caring approach to relationships with customers and employees. These genuine, compassionate company values carry into Adam’s podcast series that releases content to inspire meaningful change in the lives of business leaders and their organizations.

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Adam’s favorite two features about the Grateful software:

“01. Super easy to set up and start giving right away.
02. It’s a platform to donate to any charitable cause that any employee or customer – whoever is using Grateful – would want to support.”

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