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Using Grateful allowed Rogue to combine the elements of their brand that set their company apart from others. By giving the gift of Grateful, they continue to be different, innovative, and inclusive of their philanthropic commitment, deepening their partnerships with customers and employees.

Their Grateful Moment:
Warren reflected on the Grateful charitable giving that Rogue Productions enabled last year. He noticed one person gave to a pet rescue, another chose a nonprofit that provides medication to third world countries, and someone else supported a homeless shelter.

"To see the widespread impact is what is so cool about Grateful.

You're not sending a gift card to someone saying:
Hey, on your behalf, I just donated $100 to a charity I picked.
Instead, it is: I am donating $100 to the charity you pick.

To empower them and partner with them, where you are both making an impact at a charity they choose, is the coolest part about Grateful."

Through #roguegives, Rogue Productions makes giving back an active part of their company culture by lending time, equipment, and financial support to help where the need is greatest. Even during the pandemic, the company never wavered int heir commitment to donate 5% of annual earnings to the community. Yet, despite their meaningful community efforts, Rogue struggled to find a thoughtful way that aligned with their culture to show their appreciation to their customers and employees.

Grateful provided Rogue Productions a way to extend their gratitude through customer appreciation and employee recognition that resonated with their brand and stakeholders.

In the past, Rogue tried to send various thank you gifts to event planners who selected their production company and to recognize select employees for their outstanding work. Still, everything felt insufficient in expressing their appreciation in a uniquely Rogue way.  

"Grateful not only fits our brand better but also fulfills a huge need for us of how we thank somebody in a meaningful way that they will appreciate, and it's not something like the thank you baskets we've all done."

The social giving component to the Grateful platform was an additional benefit for Rogue as relationships are at the center of the company and its work. As Founder and President of Rogue Productions, it is ultimately Warren’s decision about which charitable organizations the company supports. Warren valued that Grateful transcends a narrow, charitable focus to support more causes through the partnership of social giving.

“That is what is so amazing about Grateful. It widens your stance so much.”

If you want your event to stand out, then “It’s time to go Rogue.”

When Warren Kuchel founded Rogue Productions, he wanted the company name and brand to reflect their attitude and original approach to a tried-and-true industry. Whether it be a concert or a Sunday church gathering, events have been happening for hundreds of years. Rogue set out to be disruptors in the live event industry, shaking up cookie-cutter event production and making it contemporary and relevant. The company delivers innovative ideas and execution to their partners, only those whose values align with Rogue’s brand. It’s through these intentional partnerships that Rogue Productions produces a unique and exceptional event experience, and when you’re outstanding at your craft, you stand out – and so do your events.

It’s a philosophy and confidence that has carried their business forward when Covid hit the events industry harder than just about any another. The pandemic created an incomprehensible struggle for live events, with billions in revenue lost and hundreds of thousands out of work. Rogue Productions, however, successfully navigated the challenge and never folded in its commitment to its brand, clients, or community support.

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For other companies consideringGrateful, Warren shares his best part of Grateful:

That partnership aspect of I want to make a difference -- I want to do something good, but I want to do it with you. I want you to be a part of it.
I don't want to just tell you about my charitable giving.
I want you to actively participate in it with me.

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