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With Grateful, the process to give, track, and report donations for both employee and client gifts became easy and automated. For Reverb, though, it was more than just an administrative win. The ability for everyone to make their own independent choice to a nonprofit to support and give their part was something people appreciated. It was their culture of kindness reflected in sharing in causes that mattered to others.

Their Grateful Moment:
The Reverb team was excited to see all the organizations they gave to throughout the year.

“Grateful enables us to gift across more organizations. This year was 28 individual nonprofits! That was a big WOW for us. To look at it and say: We had the reach.”

Reverb has always had a focus on giving back through company donations and an employee match program. However, administering those gifts and capturing the impact was time-consuming. They also tried the “gift of giving” to clients but found it cumbersome with many different ideas and debates to weigh one organization over another.

Grateful served as an efficient solution for both customer appreciation and employee recognition that addressed each internal challenge. With the implementation of the Grateful software, Reverb could meet their philanthropic objectives and simplify the process of enabling others to give.

“I immediately saw that Grateful was in line with what we care about and could fill a potential need for us. Being able to gift Grateful to our clients and other people we want to show appreciation as well as to our team felt like a no-brainer to me.”

Grateful allowed Reverb to streamline their employee match and automatically captured which nonprofits received donations, saving administrative hassle and time.

It also enabled the company to send meaningful client gifts by donating to their chosen nonprofits. Using Grateful removed the debate in selecting a charity for others and replaced it with a personalized donation to a cause that mattered to the client.

The additional benefit to using Grateful for their philanthropic platform was the customization to reflect the Reverb brand. The application allowed Reverb to highlight select nonprofits, remove categories they did not want to be displayed, and send Grateful Cards with their company logo and branding.

When Mikaela Kiner founded Reverb, a leading HR/People Operations consulting company in the Pacific Northwest, she set out to create the culture she desired as a professional and a mother and help other companies build their best, inclusive culture. Reverb partners with their clients to develop human resources processes and invest in their people through leadership development and executive coaching. The commitment to help people achieve their professional best reflects internally as well. Reverb provides their team members interesting, challenging projects with the ability to flex up or down the number of hours worked to maintain a healthy work-life integration. 

It is a culture rooted in kindness -- a cornerstone value -- which naturally extends to their commitment to giving back.

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Mikaela’s advice to other companies considering Grateful:

“It is worth using Grateful. There is very little barrier to entry. If you know you will be giving, it just streamlines the process. It’s easier for everyone to give and easier to see what your contribution is as an organization.”

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