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With Grateful, Luse Contracting Group gave 160 charitable gifts to their clients and partners and received tremendous engagement and specific feedback in response to their Grateful holiday gift campaign. Typically, when Luse sends an email campaign, their clients rarely take a moment to reply, but their Grateful client gifts had an outstanding response. Ashley saved the messages and shared the comments with the Luse team:

“My favorite gift ever!”

“Thank you for the generous donation.”

“This is pretty awesome!”

“This is such a great way to connect during the holidays.”

“Very happy to donate to a charity with your help.”

“Very unique and creative! Thank you for the opportunity to be able to contribute.”

And more!

We are giving a gift to thank clients, but we are also giving the good feelings that come with being generous. And our hope with it would be for generosity to become more contagious and create a ripple effect.

Sharing their Generosity cornerstone and involving their clients in the company philanthropy was the joy of giving they wanted to spread and inspire! Furthermore, Luse Contracting Group appreciated the additional insight that giving Grateful provided about their clients.

When people shared where they were making donations, I learned more about our clients and things they cared about. It was not just a branding opportunity, a feel-good thing, and a gift, but also more meaningful to relationship development and relationship building.

Luse Contracting Group has an active philanthropic presence through its corporate foundation, an employee matching gifts program, and company-led volunteer activities. However, the company wanted to incorporate philanthropy with their customers and had not done that before. They needed a way to expand their charitable efforts with a holiday gift to clients and wanted to encourage generosity in others as they shared one of their cornerstone values.

The Grateful software provided Luse Contracting Group the ability to extend its Generosity cornerstone to their customer appreciation efforts. The company enjoyed the ease of sending their charitable holiday gifts through the Grateful app and the user-friendly experience for their clients. 

Luse valued that Grateful served as a professional extension of their brand, and offered options to tailor their giving. Luse Contracting Group customized the gifts with their company logo and branding and included personalized messaging to share why their Generosity cornerstone is important to the company. In addition, the Grateful software streamlined the delivery of the gifts and handled the donation distribution to the charities selected by their customers.

Many companies send a Christmas email that says 'A donation has been made in your name,' and maybe it has and maybe it hasn't. Grateful makes it tangible, and lets people be involved in it by directing the philanthropic dollars we've committed to giving. It's really special to give to causes and specific charities our customers care about.

Luse Contracting Group is a subcontractor specializing in mechanical insulation and environmental remediation services on commercial and industrial construction projects across Chicagoland and Southeast Wisconsin. Family-owned and operated for five generations, Luse Contracting Group leads its business with a values-driven culture that honors God and faithfully meets the needs of its clients and community. Their cornerstone values of Trust, Family, Humility, and Generosity reflect how they have approached their business for nearly 100 years now, and guide how the family and employees live, work together, and give back. Luse is passionate about building a business that enables the company to impact the community by serving others and giving back, and hopes that living out their Generosity cornerstone will inspire others.

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What happens when we're known for our generosity, rather than the things we have? We believe this kind of generosity can transform the world.

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