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Chief Engagement Officer of Chartis Just Health Collective


Management Consulting


Atlanta, GA



Grateful provided Chartis Just Health Collective the ability to extend its company value of inclusion in to its charitable giving efforts and give meaningful customer appreciation gifts. Their clients loved it too! Clients were surprised to receive the thoughtful gift and honored that Chartis Just Health Collective allowed them to direct the funding to their selected charity. No other consulting firm they had worked with had ever done anything like it before. 

For Chartis Just Health Collective, that was their goal: working with clients to build a better, equitable world together and now also in partnership through philanthropy. 

The concept, in general, is so innovative. Grateful is a one-stop-shop for directed giving. It’s very easy to use the program and find the right match for anyone’s charitable giving.

Corporate giving is in the cultural fabric of Chartis Just Health Collective, but did not have a company charitable giving program. However, once the company was established, they were eager to extend its values and work in other meaningful ways. In addition, they also wanted to express their appreciation to clients as projects ended and were uncertain of the direction to take with those gifts.

Giving back, especially to marginalized communities, is important to company leadership, both professionally and personally. So, when leadership at Chartis Just Health Collective learned of Grateful, they quickly scheduled a demonstration. Chartis Just Health Collective was excited that Grateful provided an easy solution to make charitable contributions and also give purposeful customer appreciation gifts.

The ease of use and a comprehensive and robust listing of charities you can direct your donation to make Grateful very appealing. With just a handful of clicks, you can get to precisely the cause you're looking for.

At the close of every client engagement, Chartis Just Health Collective gives a Grateful charitable gift card to express their gratitude for working together. The company appreciates that Grateful handles the process of sending the gift and directing the donation tot he charity selected by the client team members.

Grateful makes it easy. For us, it is a time-saving and efficient way to direct giving.

Chartis Just Health Collective provides health care consulting services to professionals and organizations interested in accelerating health belonging—the intersection of health equity, diversity, and inclusion. The company works in partnership with its clients to guide change and build a healthcare system free of bias, discrimination, and disparity. Their vision is to create equitable health for all. Chartis Just Health Collective leverages its expertise in business, healthcare, and management to address health disparities, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to achieve good health. The company’s work is based on valuing humanity and social justice, which carries forward into how Chartis Just Health Collective gives back to its clients and communities they serve.

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Kathy shared her insight to why other companies should consider using Grateful: 

Grateful takes away any obstacles of giving, including the time it would take someone to sit down and research organizations and make sure they are legit. It helps in a succinct, robust way.

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