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Through Grateful, Charrette Venture Group created another perk in their employment package with the additional benefit of giving back to the community. It was a unique angle for the company to make giving back entirely different than just the company making a charitable contribution. Charrette Venture Group loves that the birthday gift they give to their employees has a social purpose with Grateful and inspires philanthropy with their employees who may not have had the budget or platform for it.

It encourages and engages. It might even introduce the idea to some people who hadn't really considered giving. It sparks an individual to think about what organizations are important to them that they might not have otherwise stopped to consider. 

Charrette Venture Groups hopes more businesses sign up for Grateful so this type of meaningful employee benefit would become more familiar. This year, they also plan to add Grateful charitable gifts into their new client gift welcome package. With this addition, Charrette Venture Group is excited to support even more causes this year that their employees and clients select. It's what matters most to Charrette Venture Group: positively impacting the lives of others.

It's the right thing to do. It's a great opportunity to let employees and clients make individual charitable choices so we're not making a corporate choice on their behalf.

Charrette Venture Group has rapidly grown over the last couple of years and endeavors to attract and retain the best talent. With employees located across the country, the company intentionally builds a mission-minded team and creates a culture of positivity and purpose. It begins with how they value their employees, reflects in the way they serve their clients, and extends to why they give back to the community. With this, Charrette Venture Group continually seeks to invest in its culture in meaningful ways.

Grateful offered a solution for Charrette Venture Group to add a charitable employee recognition perk into the company benefits. Through the Grateful app, the company could recognize each team member with a gift to support charities that mattered most to them. They decided to use Grateful to celebrate every team member on their birthday by giving them a Grateful charitable gift card.

We like that it promotes charitable giving, recognizes each person on the team, and gives individuals the choice of where to donate.

The software automated the giving, too, so the company could focus on their purposeful client work and not the detailed process of sending the employee gifts and directing the charitable donations. It was a meaningful win for everyone.

It made so much sense. One of those ideas that is obviously such a benefit to the company, employee, and the world.

Charrette Venture Group helps small and mid-sized architecture firms be better businesses. The company partners beside their clients to strategically optimize their business in financial planning, leadership and management coaching, recruiting, organizational design, marketing and business development, and more. They recognize what it’s like to be a small business owner with the stresses that often come with being overwhelmed and under-resourced. So Charrette Venture Group rolls up their sleeves to help by implementing their recommendations which differentiates them from competitors. Their whole system approach fuels a change throughout the entire business, and makes a meaningful impact on the lives at their client firms, not just their bottom lines.

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Emily’s insight to other companies considering Grateful:

It's just a smart decision.
The fact that it can be categorized as a benefit is a nice perk for employers and just wonderful for the community. It encourages people to engage.

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