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When ARInsights first implemented using the Grateful card for work anniversaries, people were surprised and delighted. The employees never had their work anniversary acknowledged before, so being highlighted at a company meeting and receiving a donation to direct to a charity of their choice has been well received by the ARInsights team. 

People appreciate it. A sweatshirt or $100 is nice, but it doesn't really change anything in their life. Rather, people can feel good helping out an organization that can really use $100. And it is not out of their bank account but rather from the company, so it's also a nice gesture to do it in their honor.  

ARInsights enjoys giving a meaningful gift to reward or thank people for their contributions to the company. In its second year of using the Grateful software program, its customers and employees still really appreciate it and look forward to helping a nonprofit they select.

I can tell from the charities they choose that they are thoughtful about it. It can be something local or national. It's something they care about personally. That personal touch you can put on the donations is appreciated.

ARInsights looked for thoughtful ideas to recognize people for different milestones or moments with the company. For their employees, they wanted to do something more inspiring than company-branded items as ARInsights believes that all employees, not just select ones, should receive the latest swag. The company also desired a gift that could be extended selectively to customers when they wanted to express additional appreciation.

The Grateful platform offered ARInsights an innovative solution for employee recognition and customer appreciation gifts. Furthermore, ARInsights valued how easy and intuitive the software was to use. As a SaaS company, they recognized Grateful as an agile product with a thoughtful user experience.

To do this independently would be hard and likely a reason not to do it. However, with just a couple of clicks, the software gave us the ability to put money on a Grateful card, send it off to an employee or customer, and then that person could immediately use and apply it to any of thousands of charities. It serves as a quick and easy utility for what otherwise would be a messy and complex process to manage.

The company recognizes employee work anniversaries with a personalized Grateful card for the employee to make a donation to a nonprofit or cause that matters most to them. The company also sends Grateful cards to customers as a thank you following a speaking engagement or serving as a reference. ARInsights appreciates it as a creative and meaningful way to express their gratitude to partners who often cannot accept direct gifts.

Grateful has figured out how to make the process really easy for me to administer and for the employees to use and make the donation. I love the idea that employees can search for charities and identify ones they want to support. It's not something we've decided for you or the charity that the company supports. We're giving them something they can give to an organization they want to and who needs it.

ARInsights provides the market-leading SaaS platform for helping analyst relations (AR) professionals be more efficient and productive. The company offers a comprehensive database and management tool that enables AR professionals to communicate and collaborate with industry analysts; organize, prioritize, and track interactions, meetings, projects, and events with analysts; follow their research, publications, and social media posts; and measure the success of analyst relationships. With ARInsights, companies can effectively increase awareness and enhance knowledge-sharing with all the industry analysts who influence their business.

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Andy’s advice to other companies considering Grateful:

If you’re not using Grateful, think about having it as an option for thanking employees, customers, and partners as an alternative to sending a bottle of wine, swag, or gift cards. It's a nice option, and more people appreciate it than you would realize. It also reflects well on the company.

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