How Workplace Giving Can Elevate your Brand Equity

March 1, 2021

By Allyson Lambert

Your brand equity includes the brand assets and liabilities linked to your brand name and symbol, and workplace giving is a tremendous asset. Charitable giving through the workplace not only improves the lives of others but also brings favor to your organization. From acquiring top talent to enhancing brand loyalty, there are many ways helping causes in need can advance your organization.

Workplace giving helps boost brand loyalty

 A HubSpot report says 69 percent of millennials say that working for a socially responsible employer instills a sense of pride, and 64 percent say it strengthens their loyalty to the employer. “Millennials have stated how they are happier to align with brands that have a social consciousness rather than those focused on profit only,” said Jeannie Walters, CEO of 360Connect, in an interview with “But it’s not just that demographic. Most of us are looking for a ‘better reason to buy’ these days.” Giving back is a win-win situation for brands and customers because giving makes consumers feel good, and customers are more loyal to a brand that makes them feel good. 

Social giving helps with community connection

When brands can help causes in need, it shows that they’re part of a community and society, not a walled-off corporation only concerned with getting more of a share in their wallets. You can help local organizations or choose a cause that’s meaningful for your employees. When you participate in workplace giving, not only are you helping a cause in need, but you broaden your network and generate goodwill in your community.

Workplace giving can boost recruiting

According to, 55 percent of employees would work for a socially conscious organization, even if they had to take a lower salary. Employees not only want benefits and salary from an employer, but also the chance to do work that empowers them to make a difference in society. When you’re deciding between a brand that promotes workplace giving and one that doesn’t, the first type of brand cares about people, which implies that the company will care about you and help you make a difference in the world.

Make giving a part of your company culture

Employees may be aware of societal issues but not have the time or know-how to contribute outside of work, which is why workplace giving is critical. It casts your organization in a favorable light and improves different communities. If you’re ready for better talent and more engaged employees, it’s time to spread the word about workplace giving.

If you’re interested in giving digitally, check out our post on 6 recent trends in online charitable giving.

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