A Behind the Scene Look at the Grateful Brand

October 31, 2020

By Allyson Lambert

At Grateful, we are much more than just an ordinary charitable giving app. We are a way to connect businesses and individuals with specific causes in need. It’s a personalized experience that allows you to donate to the nonprofits that fit your unique interests. 

Behind the scenes, our team has worked diligently to develop a brand with meaning. Take a walk through our thought process below to see how we built a brand that’s both impactful and full of purpose. 

Brand Colors with Meaning   

The primary brand colors visually illustrate the seamless connection between heart, connection, and giving. 

Keep an eye out for these colors in our content marketing, social media, blog articles, and other marketing materials. Each color works together to paint a picture of the vibrancy, passion, and empathy that goes into our work and encompasses our brand values.

Our Logo Represents Connection 

When you look at our logo, you will notice that it has the shape of a heart with three different sections in the corner. What’s the meaning behind this? The logo’s heart has three sections, which visually represents the connection between nonprofits, businesses, and individual givers. These are also the three main drivers behind our brand.

Grateful Logo

Typography Makes All the Difference 

A clear, consistent font was necessary to help us spread our message and communicate with our audiences on both mobile and our website. There are two fonts for the Grateful brand: one for headlines and one for plain text.

What’s Coming Next   

T-shirts, swag, you name it. The Grateful logo and branding can go on a myriad of different marketing materials and products to showcase our brand. It’s a great way to showcase and spread our message. This is just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more unique items as our brand grows and spreads awareness about the Grateful platform. 

Mockup of Grateful shirt

We can’t wait for you to follow along on this journey with us. To learn more about our brand story, read our previous blog: The Story Behind Our Brand 

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