Giving Support on International Women’s Day

March 7, 2023

By Kelly Nelson

International women’s day means many things to different people, but its primary purpose is to bring attention to the causes it supports with authenticity and actions needed to see effective change. This day is very diverse in how it’s approached because there are so many important causes that need to be addressed - which is why Grateful’s focus is on letting the customer select the nonprofit of their choice.

“International Women’s Day” means many things

Depending on who you ask, this day can focus on:

  • Empowering all women, broadly speaking
  • Expanding equal pay for equal work through legal action and corporate transparency 
  • Ending stereotypes and discrimination
  • Supporting victims of domestic violence 
  • Ending the epidemic of human trafficking
  • Focusing on reproductive rights 
  • Expanding child care access and basic needs programs
  • Ending racism and economic disparity
  • Promoting equality for all genders
  • Aiding women and girls with education globally
  • Empowering philanthropic efforts for female entrepreneurs
  • Supporting women-owned businesses and aiding corporate diversity programs

There is a lot of ground to cover when it comes to improving equality for half the population, and a lot of important causes worth contributing to. There are countless nonprofits supporting everything from college scholarships to food programs hyper-locally, nationally and internationally.

But most people don’t just support one of these causes, and something in that list will get the attention of one person while another will resonate more with someone else. At Grateful, we believe all giving is good, and this is why we’ve created software to enable customers to select the cause or causes they choose to support. Whether that is supporting the small women’s shelter in your community or helping women learn math on the opposite side of the planet, you are able to give to that charity with our platform through the support of participating companies.

“[Grateful] encourages and engages. It might even introduce the idea to some people who hadn’t really considered giving. It sparks an individual to think about what organizations are important to them that they might not have otherwise stopped to consider.”

-Emily Hall, Charrette Venture Group

Which organizations have actually benefited from the Grateful giving platform?

Here are a few of the nonprofit organizations Grateful has aided donation efforts to that are celebrating International Women’s Day. 

Colorado Women’s Employment And Education Incorporated - “supports vulnerable workers, mostly single moms, to train for and launch careers. CWEE addresses the root causes of poverty by providing a path to long-term employment for hundreds of Denver-area families each year.”

The Dallas Institute for Immigrant Women - “Mission: educating, informing, and empowering local immigrant women to overcome their difficulties.”

Magee-Womens Research Institute And Foundation - “We are leaders in research that informs women’s health care all over the world. We are fighters for more women in clinical trials and more research dedicated to women’s health and reproductive biology. We are changemakers, transforming women’s lives and creating a better future for us all.”

Black Women For Black Girls Giving Circle - “Black Women for Black Girls is a giving circle that seeks to amass knowledge and financial resources that will support organizations committed to the empowerment of black girls in New York City.”

Scenic City Womens Network Inc. - “SCWN’s mission is to encourage, equip, and energize today’s Christian working women to live their faith in the world.”

Womens Learning Partnership - “Women's Learning Partnership is a partnership of 20 autonomous women's rights organizations in the Global South that promote women’s leadership and human rights.”

Waterleaf Womens Center Inc. - “If you think you may be unexpectedly pregnant, you are not alone. At Waterleaf, we serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. We offer free pregnancy services and options consultation so you can make educated decisions about your pregnancy.”

Women In Distress Of Broward County Inc. - “Our mission: to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone through intervention, education and advocacy.”

Black Womens Blueprint - “We provide health and holistic healing programs that invite individuals into what it means to heal within their historical, cultural and political context while helping them access the personal agency to access what is possible in their lives and relationships when they begin to show up as their fully embodied selves. We operate as a lifeline for survivors of gender-based violence and provide birth education and holistic care to persons needing maternal health.”

Womens Resources Of Monroe County Inc. - “Providing a safe and caring environment that encourages healing and empowerment for anyone whose life has been impacted by Domestic and Sexual Violence.”

Young Women's Resource Center - “a non-profit organization that supports, educates and advocates for girls and young women* ages 10-24. Through small groups and individual support, the YWRC provides programming for all young women, no matter what they may be going through. *We define ‘girls and young women’ as any persons who have been socialized and/or identify as female. Trans and nonbinary friends are welcome.”

At Grateful, we believe International Women’s Day belongs to everyone. It is a positive message and pro-empowerment, and all allies are welcome to support. Our platform supports over 1.5 million charities worldwide, so this list is in no way exhaustive.

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