Grateful: The Story Behind Our Brand

October 5, 2020

By Allyson Lambert

Heart. Connection. Giving. This is where it all starts with Grateful. 

Our brand story comes from a place full of heart. 

We are a technology platform that connects nonprofits, businesses, and individual givers with an opportunity to support important causes in the world. Each day we are flooded with heartbreaking headlines in the news. Natural disasters, growing hunger, terminal diseases, and homelessness all plague our society. These can all feel very close to home and far away at the same time. It often seems like our world has more problems than ever before.

Imagine if you could play a small part in helping a cause that’s meaningful to you? Getting supplies to a food pantry. A new backpack for a ten year old girl starting school. Peanut butter for a food pantry that will go to a single mom who just lost her job. Service dogs that need toys. These are real people with real stories, and we’re here to share them. With Grateful, your donation is not just a number, it’s part of a bigger mission to change lives, connect those in need with people who can give, and transform charitable giving.

Grateful matches givers with causes in need. It’s a simple concept with a big mission.

The Meaning Behind Grateful 

Our team was born from a passionate group of software developers, marketers, product designers, and business strategists who truly believe in blending technology and business to do good in the world. Heart is at the center of everything we do. We aren’t just a tagline or slogan for positive change – our team lives and breathes these values, and we partner with organizations who believe the same. 

The name "Grateful" has multiple meanings. First, our mobile app and platform allow you to see the impact of of your donations to an organization. Second, we are grateful for our ability to help others around the world, which encompasses how we feel about our relationship with technology and giving. 

There are three parts to our story, which we will go into more detail about below. Individuals, businesses, and nonprofits make up the core of our organization. 

Individual Givers Who Care 

We realize there’s a need to connect individual donors who want to give with causes and organizations that need resources. Powered by artificial intelligence, our GratefulAI™ connects you with new opportunities that fit your interests and cuts out hours of research. It also gives you one place to track all of your tax receipts. The Grateful app creates a one-of-a kind experience by sharing metrics and photos that show the impact made with your donation. 

Connecting Businesses with Important Causes 

We partner with businesses who are passionate about giving back and upholding these values in their company. Our platform provides an easy and convenient way to encourage employees to make donations through the app. For example, you can share virtual giving cards with clients and employees, easily match employee gifts at any level desired, and promote a culture of generosity and caring. Ultimately people want to work for and do business with companies who demonstrate they have big hearts. 

Nonprofits with Heart and Vision 

Nonprofits are the backbone of our app. They fuel us to develop better technology with a mission to serve and promote positive change. Our app allows you to connect with new donors who might not have otherwise heard of you. You can also use the platform to grow your donor database with new connections, share updates with followers, and raise dollars for specific projects and needs.

Behind our app is a brand that cares about important causes in the world and uses technology to make giving easy and accessible.

Try out our app for yourself by downloading it here:

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