Grateful for Earth Day

April 10, 2023

By Kelly Nelson

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 (53 years old!) and has been growing in popularity since. Prior to Earth Day’s creation, “Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of prosperity. Until this point, mainstream America remained largely oblivious to environmental concerns and how a polluted environment threatens human health” ( Combined with many books, legal activists, event organizers, and concerned everyday citizens, Earth Day in 1970 was an event that attracted 20 million Americans (10% of the total population) to act across faith groups, political lines, and more to take to the streets and demonstrate against industrial development. In 1990 it went global, and today serves as a force for recognizing secular unity, observed by over a billion people.

Donate to your favorite Earth-focused nonprofit

grateful app screenshot of environmental nonprofits available to area code 98311

This is an excellent time to donate to a multitude of conservation-focused organizations directly or through our app. One of our clients, Conscious Revolution, noted they will be celebrating with a company holiday and volunteer work with Friends of the LA River and 1% for the Planet. They also cited Saltwater Classroom as one of their preferred nonprofits, “They’re very present in what they do. We’ve physically seen them with buckets, ready to go clean up beaches and do their work” (Elise Allyn).

Saltwater Classroom is a nonprofit in Portland, Maine focused on ocean stewardship through education. They noted that Conscious Revolution is a great company, “We’re just really inspired by the work they’re doing, their kind of mission and focus; it was it was so honoring to be the recipient of some of their giving efforts and we are very excited to grow our relationship with them.” (Alexandra Doudera).

Saltwater Classroom are celebrating Earth Day with the launch of a new project that’s focused on trash cleanups in Portland called Rubbish! launched on social media. Rubbish! Is focused on individual action around plastic pollution and trash.

You can find them and many other conservation-focused nonprofits to support this Earth Day, just search in the app by your zip code for local groups, or find any national charities.

Seven ways to support Earth Day (and everyday):

  1. Buy reusable water bottles and coffee tumblers instead of disposables
  2. Conserve energy at home buy purchasing energy-efficient appliances
  3. Buy produce from the local farmer’s market (this reduces waste from mass manufacturing and cross-state transportation to the supermarket)
  4. Plant something green inside and/or outside your home, and consider native flower plants to support pollinators
  5. Join a cleanup team, or go guerilla: there are lots of local nonprofits across the world that organize community events for cleanup of common spaces. But don’t forget you can also just pick that water bottle up at the park and toss it in the garbage; every effort helps. Be proactive!
  6. Go for a hike and enjoy nature! Simply appreciating nature makes you more aware of its importance and value, which motivates you to take care of it in your daily choices
  7. Donate to your favorite conservation group so they can continue their efforts year-round

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